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A promotional video featuring Elite Video productions, parent company of Video 4 San Diego.

FYI:  Did you know that Elite Video produced, directed, edited and mastered & encoded all of the videos on Video4SanDiego.Com?

  Elite Video Productions - Parent Company of Video 4 San Diego Production Stuidos.

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Video 4 San Diego is good for San Diego business, residents, the city, even the environment in many important ways.

Video 4 San Diego’s residents– Never before has the public had access to the volume & quality of information available for businesses on Video4SanDiego.com providing for a broad range of choices concerning to whom they choose to do business with. Whether it’s finding a business that specializes in a given service or product line or just getting a sense & feel of what the business environment is like, Video4SanDiego.Com means unprecedented choice for San Diego consumers

Video 4 the City of San Diego- Not only does Video4SanDiego.Com allow locals and residents to get to know a variety of businesses in more than a dozen distinct categories – it is also a great resource for people traveling to our city and or planning future events & travel in and around San Diego. It also reinforces the growing awareness that San Diego is a city on the cutting edge of technology.

Video 4 San Diego businesses- Video4SanDiego.Com allows subscribing business owners to take advantage of the proprietary process developed here in San Diego by our organization to deliver a high quality, concise & controlled message that will be remembered by potential clients both here in town and from all parts of the globe.

Video 4 the environment- Imagine a service that over the course of only a year could result in eliminating thousands of tons of emissions being pumped out of hundreds of cars into San Diego County’s air! Video4SanDiego.Com is truly environmentally friendly by allowing people throughout the county to get to know dozens of businesses of all sorts and never leave their home or office! It would take you days of driving hundreds of miles, burning huge amounts of gasoline throughout the county to visit all of the businesses you can see with the effort of only a few mouse clicks on Video4SanDiego.Com. This site’s service, concept and technology align with and support Mayor Dick Murphy’s goals to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and reduce congestion on the County roads & highways, while simultaneously utilizing technology to enhance the resources available to all residents and visitors.

Video 4 Tourists – It’s obvious how Video4SanDiego.Com can serve to aid San Diego tourism. Beyond the obvious web and other promotional venues Video4SanDiego.Com will be promoted through chambers of Commerce in areas know for residents who visit San Diego as well as hundreds of television ads annually in San Diego, Los Angeles & Phoenix.

Video 4San Diego.Com is Good 4 all of San Diego County in many unique and important ways!

The Video 4 San Diego business directory and Video 4 San Diego entertainment guide has hundreds of streaming video clips for almost all types of San Diego businesses.


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