Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Streaming Video Productions For San Diego Businesses.

Video 4 San Diego Video Production Studios.


Some Common Streaming Video Production Questions Answered By Our Experts At Video 4 San Diego. With Hundreds of San Diego Business Already As Clients We Lead The Media Technology Curve.


Why is the quality different on some of the videos streaming on Video4SanDiego.Com?
This is due to changing & improving technology. Video4Studios has a long history in the video production business & started producing streaming videos in 1995. Some of the videos that you see on this site are actually some of the first commercial streaming videos produced by elite dating back to the late 90’s. In recent years technology has improved & Video4 Studios has stayed at the forefront of these advances by investing in training, hardware, software, and research & development. The newer videos, those produced in the last 5 months, reflect the latest in technological advances and therefore deliver the highest quality. Many of these latest programs can be viewed maximized to full screen and deliver outstanding quality.

How can I get my business featured on Video4SanDiego.Com?
Contact us by clicking on the “contact us” link on our homepage. One of our production managers will contact you and arrange for a cost free consultation and “Site Survey” to assess your business and answer any questions you may have.

Why is the quality of your programs so much better than what I see available elsewhere online?
Can you say trade secrets? The short and easy answer is this: it is our experience that really makes the difference. We produced our first business video way back in 1984. We were on the Internet at its public inception and have produced thousands of streaming videos. This coupled with an ongoing R&D effort & our continuing investments in production gear, editing technology, computer hardware and software, state of the art 3-chip network broadcast quality camera equipment & continued training all combine to yield the results our clients enjoy. Our parent company Video4 Studios, has defined the standard for what is required to give our clients both quality & value – one look at our client list & our body of work will show you that we are obviously doing it right!

Will the site be changing in the future?
Yes our business plan calls for the evolution of this site in several specific areas that will ultimately enhance the end user experience. Notice of these changes will be released publicly as they become instituted.

Can I upgrade/change the video I already have on video4
Yes when we produce your video we archive your master & raw footage reel. This has been the case since mid 2002. If your video was produced prior to mid 2003 then it was shot on cameras that produced lower quality footage at lower resolutions than the broadcast cinema quality cameras we use today. As we have grown we have continued to invest in all aspects of the business. The cameras used are no exception. If you video were shot prior to mid 2003 then we would require that the footage be re-shot on our current cameras. Many of our clients have updated their videos and several are in the process currently. Also because we want to showcase the best we can we have a generous upgrade program that makes it very affordable & desirable.

Can I link to the videos on your site for my use?
No. No person, business or entity may link to any content on this site for any reason or use at any time without the express written permission of the site administrator. We also take steps to discourage this, which would make it, undesirable for anyone to do so.

Why are the programs only available in real player format & not windows or quicktime
Since the inception of online media and streaming video Real Networks has been the leader in Internet media delivery. We have utilized this technology from the earliest days and are intimately familiar with its structure. We utilize this understanding as a basis for the production of all the videos we produce and it is integral to the entire production process. This results in the high quality streams that the end viewer enjoys.

Do the vendors on this site offer any discounts to visitors who mention the ad?
Yes many do. Call and tell them you saw their video on Video4SanDiego.Com and you wanted to know if there is any discount for mentioning the ad. They will most likely offer some sort of a break.

Is there a subscription fee for the businesses on Video4SanDiego?
Yes – although it is nominal and offers a lot of value to the business owner from a return on investment standpoint.

How many business videos have you produced?
We have produced thousands of videos for businesses of all types and consumers from more than 22 countries around the world have purchased our own training videos.

Why so many – What makes people choose Video4 Studios
In our mind the answer is value. The founder of our company has produced and directed videos since 1984. He is also a noted sales and marketing trainer / public speaker.    His business philosophy is simple “Give people something that will allow them to be more effective and you will have success. Show them HOW to use what you have to be more effective and you will have outstanding success. That’s what we do. We don’t just create a video for you. We show you how to use your program to make money & attract new clients. That combined with a commitment to excellence in the production process and a customer first approach is what sets us apart.

Do you do weddings or other events?
Yes. Contact our offices using the link on the home page or click on the video production tab in the business video directory for information.

How much does it cost to have a video made for my business?
It varies but we do offer a free consultation to any business owner. Again this question takes us back to value. We offer a great deal of value in what we do and that’s why everyone from mom & pop operations to major corporations make us your first choice for all your media needs.

What is the “Business Advantage” program?
The Business Advantage Program is a dynamic media based marketing & sales development program that is second to none. How powerful is the program? It will add strength to every penny you spend on your business marketing, generate referrals, increase repeat business, improve employee morale and more. If you are a business owner know this: For more than 3 years over 90% of the business owners that we have show this program to immediately elect to utilize it for use at their business. Feel free to contact our offices and ask about the “Business Advantage Media Marketing Program”


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